Hammerhead Shark

The best time to go scuba diving in Tahiti is by far around May to October, mostly because it is always more rainy from November to April, so try to avoid going to Tahiti in between these months when you want to take a trip. 

This season is called the “austral summer”, and the other half of the year is called the “austral winter”, the better weathered season. 

The austral winter is much cooler than the hotter, rainier austral summer and is the perfect time to go to Tahiti for a warm vacation.

There are plenty of great hotels in Tahiti, and mostly all of them have pools, and so you’d also want to go around the austral winter because you wouldn’t like to go for a morning swim in the rain at a hotel.

An awesome place to begin diving with is “The Aquarium”, which actually isn’t an aquarium, but a part of the ocean so clear it looks like its a pool. It’s not too deep either; only about 3 to 14 meters deep. 

Also, there’s a coral reef at that exact spot, which makes it the best diving site in Tahiti.

The Aquarium is a sandy part of the ocean, and there’s a large quality of small fish in the coral reef, including angelfish and lionfish, also making it an amazing dive site.

There is a plane wreck in that area which makes it an interesting dive for seeing how fish have started to live in it.

Another great place to go diving in Tahiti is The Maroda, a semi-deep part of the ocean with lots of blacktip reef sharks, and plenty of eels roam around these waters as well.