There’s plenty of stunning animals that you can see while scuba diving and snorkeling in Tahiti.

From the months of June to October, there is an exceptional amount of manta rays, from July to November, there is plenty of humpback whales, and in December to March there are a large number of hammerhead sharks and eagle rays. Plus there are many other animals like lemon sharks, dolphins, moray eels and more related sea creatures to be included making it an amazing dive place all year round.

The island of Tahiti is a good vacation for those who want to see animals: it is simply swarming with them.

The previous listed animals are only a couple of hundreds of animals that Tahiti has in its coastal shores.

There are multiple coral reefs all around Tahiti and the other one hundred and seven-teen islands in French Polynesia, and all of them are exceptionally incredible. 

Moray Eel