In Tahiti waters, the average temperature is about 25°C to 30℃ every day.

And when you’re on a boat, the air temperature is pretty much the same for the most part of the year.

The water visibility is about 50 meters on a normal day, but on a particularly nice day, the visibility can be up to 100 meters, which is ideal for snorkeling.

If you want a warmer dive, the more eastern side of Tahiti is much more humid.

This island is one of the best scuba diving areas in the world for its incredible wildlife, but also its perfect temperatured waters, always around the same heatness.

It hardly ever changes too much, because it is just barely south of the equator, so it’s very warm almost all the time.

Tahiti doesn’t have much of a current, so it’s great for diving out in the open, where you’ll see the most dolphins. 

Manta Ray